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Experiences when choosing an apartments

Buying a house in general, buying an apartment in particular is never easy, especially for first-time home buyers. Besides factors such as price, payment method, preferential loan interest rates, ... buyers also need to learn some other experiences.

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Condominium location

Choosing to buy an apartment with a convenient location for your living, traveling and working is the first question you need to ask when you intend to buy a home. The reason to consider it is because this factor depends on the financial potential of each individual.

Typically, the segment of apartments under 1 billion usually located quite far from the city center. Buyers need to reconcile the three factors of location, demand and budget to be able to choose a suitable apartment. Rely on relationships, or turn to real estate brokers to ask them to find suitable projects.

Besides, please note the traffic situation around the apartment you want to buy. You should take the time to consult the project field, try to walk on the roads leading to the project and observe during peak hours to assess whether traffic here is too complicated or not, such as how much the truck density, the container truck's time frame.

In addition, you need to ask the investor or ask the broker about transport infrastructure projects that are going to or are underway to see whether they can solve traffic problems as well as flooding in the season. rain came.

Investor capacity

A reputable and well-known investor in the market will help reduce risks for customers during the purchase and sale process. One of the first things apartment buyers should learn is the information and capabilities of the investor. It should start from searching the history of the investor, from the projects that the investor has done, issues of land dispute (if any) or legality in the procedure of buying and selling and Other legal matters related to the investor.

A well-known developer in the market will help homebuyers feel more secure about the quality, construction schedule and legality of the project. Each investor has their own planning style, design and product development guideline. Buyers need to make sure they have a good understanding of these factors. Not only stop at the information about the investor, you should also check more information about the construction contractors, design units, supervisors, managers, distributors and project developers ...

Internal and external utilities

Another equally important factor when choosing an apartment is the internal and external utilities around the apartment you are about to buy. These elements seem to be very small and often overlooked with the thought that "it is good to have it, and if not it is okay".

However, a statistic shows that up to 60% of buyers think this is an important point, directly affecting the daily life of the family. Many people feel regretful for not considering this factor carefully.

Therefore, you need to determine who the apartment consists of, and you need to define the goals when living in that apartment.You will focus on the education of your children or health care centers for Elderly people in the family.

After that, you need to find out more in the radius of 1-5km are there shopping centers, markets, supermarkets, schools or hospitals. Do you or your family use these systems regularly?

Basement and capacity

The basement of the apartment building is one of the very important factors. Therefore, you need to check whether the apartment is equipped with ventilation system, fire alarm, card signal reader, car camera, etc.

On average, each household has 2 motorcycles, some households have 1-2 cars. The Vietnam Construction Standard of the Ministry of Construction stipulates that there will be one car parking space for every 4-6 households with the standard area of ​​25m2 / car; parking space for motorbikes and motorbikes is 2.5-3.0m2 / car; The bike is 0.9m2 / bike.

One of the indicators to calculate the parking capacity is the ratio of cars to cars per capita. Currently, the majority of apartments in Ho Chi Minh City have a relatively low rate, under 1. Therefore, when the parking garage is not built enough and the capacity is equivalent to the density of apartments / residents. can bring many annoyances and inconveniences in the process of living. Therefore, you should consult and seek advice from official information sources to make the most accurate choice.

Choose the middle floor apartment

If you choose to buy an apartment on the lower floor of the apartment, you will be subjected to dirt or noise disturbing, even being attacked by mosquitoes. Choosing an apartment on a very high floor will be inconvenient in travel and the price is also quite high, sometimes making it difficult to escape when the apartment has an incident.

The reasonable number of floors that you should consider before choosing to buy apartments ranges from 7 to 15. This is the location of the floor that can meet most of the basic needs while still ensuring the point / view down. The street is quite nice and airy.

Stay away from garbage dump, elevator area

Elevator system is usually located in the lobby of the apartment and is evenly distributed in the apartment floors. Each floor will have an elevator layout

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