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Privacy Policy

Information Security Policy:

We understand that Customers are very concerned about how confidential and personal information you provide us is kept confidential and used. We appreciate that trust and commit that this information will be our best effort to keep it confidential. We guarantee to use customer information in a reasonable manner, consider to constantly improve the quality of service and give you useful information at us.

1. Collect customer information:

To use our features, Customers must provide some information such as email, full name, phone number, date of birth and address and some other information. This part of the registration process is intended to help us with validation to facilitate the organization of programs or to deliver information to the exact recipient.
We also store any information you enter on the website or send it to our management. Such information will be used for the purpose of responding to user requests.

2. Using information:

The purpose of collecting information is to build We become a real estate service website and provide reputable real estate information. Therefore, the use of information will serve the following activities:
Sending newsletters with content are good articles, sharing useful information that customers care about.
Provide some customer support services.
Improve the quality of our customer consulting services.
Solving problems and disputes arising related to the use of the website.
Prevent activities that violate Vietnamese laws.

3. Sharing information:

We know that customer information is a very important part of business and they will not be sold or exchanged to another third party. We will not share customer information except in the following specific cases:
To protect We and other third parties: We only release account information and other personal information when we are confident that the release of such information is in accordance with the law, protecting our rights, property of service users, of We and other third parties.
According to legal requirements from a government agency or when we believe it is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal requirements.
In the remaining cases, we will have a specific notice for the Customer to disclose information to a third party and this information is provided only with the consent of the Quarter. Customer.
It certainly does not include the sale, share, resulting in the disclosure of personal information of customers for commercial purposes that violate the commitments set out in our Customer Information Privacy Policy. .

4. Address of collecting and storing customer information:


5. Confidentiality of customer information:

One important thing for customers is to protect yourself from access to password information when you share a computer with multiple people. Once there, you must be sure to exit the account after using our service.
We also commit not to deliberately disclose customer information, not to sell or share our customer information for commercial purposes that violate our commitments with Customer's opinion. Our customer information security policy.

6. Edit personal information:

When customers need to edit information such as name, phone number, email, feedback content etc. then you can use the editing feature available on the website, or if necessary, you can send email to trungbaophan@gmail.com for assistance with editing.


Our customer information security policy is only applied on this website. It does not include or relate to other third parties placing ads or having links at We. We recommend that you consult and clearly distinguish the differences in customer information security policies of websites that advertise on this website (if any).

We emphasize that we are very interested in the interests of our customers in protecting personal information so in case you have comments or questions related to our privacy policy, please Please contact:
Phone: 0946.42.68.68
Email: trungbaophan@gmail.com
Phan Bao Trung!

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